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2.25 inch Shop Vac - Straight through connector

Connector for straight through connections when using a shop vac.

Some of the features:

  • No clamps required
  • Fits most shop vac
  • Fits 2.25inch vacuum hose attachments

Available in black or orange. Orange is recommended as it is easier to find in the shop


Qty 1 - $15CDN
Qty 3+ - $12CDN Each
Qty 6+ - $10CDN Each

Sample Parts

Straight Through connector shop vacuum Shop_Vac_Straight_Through_2_2018325 (HighRes Image)
Straight through connector

This adaptor is used for connecting your shop vac to an item when you have the outside connection trying to connect to an out side connection, for example the shop vacs vacuum port is an outside connection, this will fit in it.

Shop_Vac_Straight_Through_3_2018326 (HighRes Image)

There is tape on these because we make them a little small (for most machines) and then use a little electrical tape to make it tight. It also makes it a little more sticky in the hole.

Shop Vacuum to vacuum attachment connector Shop_Vac_Hose_To_Vacuum_Head_Adapter_2018327 (HighRes Image)

This is the adapter used to connect the outside hose fitting to a vacuum attachment.

Shop_Vac_to_Hose_Adapter_2018328 (HighRes Image)

This is the adapter being used to attach the hose to the shop vac both are outside connections.