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Wooden House Address Signs

Design your own wooden house address sign made from red cedar, Our engraved signs are engrave about 1/4in deep and then painted, and an outdoor UV stabalized urethane finish is applied

All wooden signs are made from kiln dried red cedar, high quality outdoor glue and paint, professional outdoor wood stain and 3 coats of professoinal grade marine grade UV protecting urathane

House address plaques may be used for home, cottage or trailer indoor or outdoor environments.

The easiest way to design your own sign is to start with an existing example on this web page and request the required changes for text, color, size, shape and graphics. Buzz Art will then customize the wood sign to meet your needs. Creating a custom sign yourself is also permitted, send us a sketch of your requirements and we will mock up a sign for you

For examples of larger wooden cottage signs check out larger signs menu ounder cottage signs for lots of ideas and layouts.

Examples - House Address Plagues

3 cottage signs with 2 address numbers Large cottage sign with house address on it, cottage is on a bay Cottage sign with loon, cootage on the bay and sign bar large round engraved cottage sign with loon, text, and house address. Nice looking sign House address sign with family name Two part wood house address sign with owl, address and text saying friends always welcome Oval wood address sign with number and loon Wooden house address sign with Tractor, Number and name engraved in it House address sign that is in Florida, has an angel, name and address number Campsite address number wooden sign Wooden sign of Road Runner and house address House address sign in wood with palm trees, address number and text Camp ground address information with sunset, wooden sign Cottage address with graphics of adirondack chairs, text and address number House address wooden sign with a shaggy dog, paw prints and address number Wood house number oval inlayed House address plaque cardenal Wooden house address plaque cardenal Wood house address plaque butterflies Front of the sign.  See 2618 for back of sign Back of the sign.  See 2617 for front of sign Computer Examples - The following signs are computer generated examples of up and coming patterns and loyout for house address signs.  These may be ordered with your street information.  NOTE: Software only renders the prototypes in one color.  When ordering you specify how you would like things colored.  For example:  Leaves - Green, Number - Black, Text - Burgundy, Bird - Yellow, Flowers - Pink and burgundy.