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How to Hang Signs

Buzz Art offers the following methods for hanging a sign

1) Screw it to a post, tree, wall or any surface, we will include brass screws if this is your choice.

2) Install slots in the back of the sign so it will slide over screws in the wall. This is great indoors (might work outdoors but not highly recommend unless conditions are perfect) on a smooth wall. NOTE: This is a $10 option

3) From a sign post using hooks, we will include brass hooks if this is your choice.

4) Use double sided tape to stick it to the wall or a smooth surface the tape can stick to. You can acquire double sided tape at Home Depot. We have found that Scotch has an Exterior Mounting Tape (Part # Cat. 4011C) that can be purchased at Home Depot and works very well.

You may select solid brass screws or solid brass hooks to be included in your order free of charge, ordering both screws and hooks will add $5 per sign to the cost.