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Souvenir Engraved and Vinyl Sticker Hockey Pucks

Engraved souviener pucks are not just meant to put on the shelf and look at, you can play with them, the engraving will not affect play and will not wear out. Actualy the engraving will pick up the snow on the ice and fill the tiny crack and turn it white so it even stands out more.

Vinyl Lettering pucks are designed for presentation only. Vinyl stickers are bright and visible meant for viewing not playing hockey with.

Many hours have been spent studying how to engrave pucks so they will slide perfectly across the ice and look great engraved.

Engravings in the puck are deep enough to ensure the picture will never wear off like painted pucks which are meant for keep sakes.

Souvenier hockey pucks make excellent souveniers, team awards, marking you team traing pucks, and promotional items.

Examples - Engraved and Vinyl Hockey Pucks

Vinyl sticker on hockey puck Vinyl sticker on hockey puck - can't go on the ice CNC engraved hockey puck Buzz Art promotional hockey puck Hockey puck with team Gremlins logo on it Hockey puck with Petit nation logon on it Kanata Corbras engraved hockey puck BCC Hockey Ottawa engraved hockey puck meant to play with on the ice Player number 4 Matt engraved hockey puck Cougars hockey team engraved puck Company Mattscape logo engraved on hockey puck Company Ottawa Hot Tub Rentals engraved on hockey puck Company logo Rink-Pro engraved on hockey puck Team Inferno engraved on hockey puck - not good for playing with as to deep engraving Hockey puck designed to play on the ice with the team logo of Blazer Team play name and number.  Normally on the back side of a puck Team play name and number.  Normally on the back side of a puck

Souvenier Puck Costs

Souvenier Puck Costs - Qty 20+ Pucks




$2.00 based on 20 doubles side pucks or 40 faces

Graphic conversions

Normally $25.00 one time charge (if required)

Quotes will be supplied for quantities less than 20