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Custom Persionalized Wooden City and Lake Maps

Wooden Lake maps and city maps are made up of two layers of wood: top layer contains roads and information engraved on the map, the background layer is a nice blue stain for lake and green or black for city maps

Buzz Art offers various options for wood lake and city maps and cork coasters. Please check the menus above for the different items and sizes we offer with lake maps on them, for example cork coasters, slate coasters, hot plates.

cottage sign and post

This is our full size wall mounted lake map, it includes the following:
  > Full size is usually 17 * 22.5in, custom shaped to match the layout of your lake.
  > Medium to large size islands, small islands are usually lost during the process and they fall or break off easily
  > Roads as you require and roads named if desired
  > Heart or star where the cottage is located
  > Dual Layer, blue background and wooden front layer
  > Compass
  > Pretty well anything else you would like to add to the sign
  > Frame is optional
  > $200 without a frame
  > $350 with a frame.

Many more ideas of how to implement lake and city maps can be found in the menu above, some examples ornaments, coasters, hot plates and clocks.

Examples Wood City and Lake Maps

Wooden lake map of Kahshe Lake Wooden map of Nova Scotia and the Sea Wood lake map of Ashley lake and roads of the area Wooden lake map iwth frame of Golden lake Wood lake map and city map of Chertermere lake and the city streets Wood Liever river lake map with frame 16 Island Lake wood lake map with frame Difficult wooden lake map with lots of detal LaHave, NS Wood lake Lake map of Lac Gillies With frame wooden lake map of Bay Lake Wood lake map for Lac Gillies with a frame Lake map kenogamissi lake with a frame Lake map kenogamissi lake with no frame Wooden map of the city of Ottawa for an award Wooden lake map Buck Lake Wooden lake map of Lac Heney Lac Pelletier wooden lake map Custom lake map of Chalet Laflamme Lake map with roads of Lake Kennisis Leslie lake wooden map City of Ottawa wooden city map, three layers. Rondeau Bay wooden lake map Wooden Mississippi Lake map and 12 lake map coasters Wooden lake map of Thirty Island Lake with a frame above a fire place.