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Cottage Sign Pricing

The following is a guideline for determining cottage sign pricing.

Final pricing will be supplied when sign is designed and options are selected.

Cottage Sign Pricing Chart




1 Square Foot signs

4.75" * 22.5" sign

6.75" * 22.5" sign



2 square foot signs

10.5 * 22.5"

Normally $150

Example pricing of larger Signs

16 * 22.5" signs

14 * 30.5" signs

16 * 34.5" signs

22 * 46.5" signs

Signs up to 5' * 8' ask us for a quote

About $225

About $270

About $350

About $600


A single slot in the back of the sign


Brass hooks for the sign and to attach to post or tree


A set of brass screws to screw the sign to a tree or post


Both sets of hardware can be ordered for $5 extra.



Double sided signs

Double sided signs are made of two signs glued together back to back. Cost is the cost of two signs + a small charge for glueing them up (normall $25 for a 2 square foot sign).


Shipping and handling

One time cost for your order of signs of up to 2 sq ft signs are $25 in Canada

Larger signs are quoted as required


Kiln Dried Red Cedar



3 coats UV Protectant



Taxes are not included

Note: Sq. Ft. is determined on material blank and not finished product