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2.25in Ship Vac 4 Port Manifold

The four port shop vac manifold allows you to connect 4 shop vac size hoses. A dial in the middle with an arrow on it allows you to select which port the vacuum will utilize.

To change ports on most good shop vacs you will need to turn the shop vac of first then change and turn back on

All port are designed for insertion of the shop vac inside the holes. If you need it to go over the ports you will need to make a special order (same price)


  • Quick change of ports on vacuum
  • All standard shop vac hosing used
  • For use with shop vacs that use a 2.25 inch hose
  • By default all connectors are for inside hoses

Qty: 1 - $50CDN

Manifold Pictures

Shop vac manifold Title Shop vac adapter manifold Manifold wood shop Shop vac and manifold Manifold shop vac Manifold for a shop vac