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Custom Slate Coasters

Our slate lake map coasters are very similar to our Wooden Lake Map Ornaments only these are designed for drinks. Made from 4" square granite on legs

Any lake can be printed on these coasters

The standard layout is lake, compass and lake name, but custom personalized designs can be done for a small design fee

While we advertise these as lake slate coasters we do make them with any design on them. Pricing of the coasters are as follows, assuming they are all the same. Note, there may be a small graphics charge for custom coasters

Slate Pricing
1 - $10
4 (same) - $30

We are working on learning photo printing on slate coasters, it is not easy and takes a significant amount of time to prepare the images for printing. Cost at present if you are interested is $100 for 4 coasters.

Please use the link to see information on cork coasters

Examples of Slate Coasters

Slate coaster of Bobs Lake Slate coaster of Mississippi Slate coaster of Otty Lake Slate coaster with RX symbol Slate coaster set Big Rideau Lake Slate coaster set Bobs Lake Slate coaster set Missisippi Lake Slate coaster set New Brunswick Slate coaster for Elevated Bluffs Slate coaster Of Crotch Lake Slate coaster Of Gull Lake Slate coaster of Muskrat Lake Slate coaster of Otter Lake Graphic of Buzz Art owner and girl friend - testing imaging Calabogie Lake slate coaster A corporate design on a slate coaster Buzz Art logo on a slate coaster TD Bank logo on slate coaster Buzz Cuts logo on a slate coaster Three different types of coasters cork, slate and wood It's 5 o'clock somewhere logo on a slate coaster Owner of Buzz Art and girl friend image on a slate coaster. The RX pharmacy logo and name on a slate coaster Image of Tay and Kel on a slate coaster Cottage type images on slate coasters 4 Lake maps on 4 slate coasters Wedding information on a slate coaster Two slate coasters for the bride and groom at a wedding Wedding slate coaster for each person at the wedding.