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4 inch to 4 inch connector

Need to connect two 4 inch dust collection hoses?

Some of the features:

  • No clamps required
  • No twisting of hoses
  • Solid Connections
  • Comes apart with NO tools
  • Works on both left and right handed hoses
  • Hose goes inside not outside - no reduction in hose size


Qty 1 - $40CDN


Demo video

Example images

Connector two 4 inch hoses Dust_Collector_4in_2_4in_1_2018309 (HighRes Image)
Connecting 2 4 inch vac hoses

Side view of connector.

Dust_Collector_4in_2_4in_2_2018310 (HighRes Image)

Will tread on too hoses with a left or right handed thread.

Dust_Collector_4in_2_4in_3_2018311 (HighRes Image)

All parts come apart with no tools required. You will rarely need to take them apart (if ever).