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Dust collection hose and cable carrier

This device is nothing short of amazing for carrying your power, air, electronic wiring and you 4 inch dust collection hose.

Perfect for ensuring your cables and vacuum hose are neatly contained and properly located. Tested on CNC machines running at 750ipm and works like a charm.

Assembly only requires a pair of needle nose pliers. Doucmentation and a video are supplied for assemble, count on about one hour to assembling of five to six feet of the carrier

Under design at the present time is a system for a 2.25 inch shop vac hose. Should be out in a month or so

Some of the features:

  • Carries 4 inch dust collection hose
  • Double sided cable carrier, used to isolate the electrical line from the electronics
  • Large enough for 220v cables with air lines
  • Optional to install both sides of the cable carrier, everything can fit in one side
  • Easy to assemble
  • Takes up very little room
  • Light weight


Sold by the foot
For 4 inch hose - $50CDN/Foot
For 2.25 inch shop vac hose - $30/Foot (pictures coming soon)

On the 4 inch hose the 2.5 feet are taken up with the bend at the end so for a 4 foot axis you will need to buy 7 feet of the carrier. On the 2.25 inch hose the first 20 inches is taken up with the bend

In use video:

Running demo video

Example images

CNC Vacuum hose cable carrier CNC_Hose_Cable_Carrier_Back_1_2018329 (HighRes Image)
Dust collector carrier

Showing the chambers for the hose (not present) and cables while in the fully right position.

CNC_Hose_Cable_Carrier_Back_2_2018330 (HighRes Image)

Showing the carrier fully extended with the fully retracted position and its ability to support its self with no support.

CNC_Hose_Cable_Carrier_Top_1_2018333 (HighRes Image)

From the top view showing the hose chamber and both cable carriers.