Larger Wood Signs

This section details signs that much larger than the standard offering. While the most common signs are 11 * 23in Buzz Art can create signs up to 4ft * 8ft with the same quality.

Examples - Larger Wood Signs

IMG_0205 (HighRes Image)

A sign 72 * 48in for an all season resort.

IMG_2781 (HighRes Image)

Maple engraved RCMP plague is 18 * 22in

EdgeWaterAssembled (HighRes Image)

Custom cottage sign is 40 x 20in. NOTE: This sign could be made in the standard size of 23 * 11in

IMG_2895 (HighRes Image)

Large engraved commercial cottage sign at 43.5in x 22in

IMG_3378 (HighRes Image)

Actual size 24in x 48in

IMG_3416 (HighRes Image)

Actual size 15in x 35in

img_2700 (HighRes Image)

Commerical wooden sign is 34 * 17in

IMG_2319a (HighRes Image)

Sens logo was done with written permission from the Ottawa Senators. Sign is 36in * 11.25in

Signs003 (HighRes Image)

Sign is 40in * 11.25in