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Dust collection hose to shop vac connection

Need to easily connect to a dust collection hose and either a 4 inch pipe or a shop vac hose. Three models are availalbe:

  • 4 inch pipe
  • Shop vac inside connection - the shop vac goes inside our adapter
  • Shop vac outside connection - the shop vac goes outside our adapter
  • Shop vac connections are for 2.25 inch shop vac hoses

Custom designs connectors are available

Some of the features:

  • Quick switch over between adapters
  • Great in shops that uses one hose on lots of machines
  • No clamps required
  • No twisting of hoses - twist of adapter on to hose
  • Solid Connections
  • Comes apart with NO tools
  • Works on both left and right handed hoses
  • Hose goes inside not outside - no reduction in hose size

Available in black or orange. Orange is recommended as it is easier to find in the shop


Qty 1 - $25CDN
Qty 5+ - $20CDN (they do not need to be the same)


Demo video

Adapter Examples

Adapter from dust collector hose to a 4 inch pipe Side view of 4 inch hose to 4 inch pipe adapter Adapter from dust collector to shop vac Side view of 4 inch hose to 2.25 inch shop vac Dust collection hose to shop vac connector, this one is an internal fit hose.  Also avalable in external fit.  This is for 2.25 inch hose connectors.