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Painting or Drawing Stencils

Stencils are great for spray painting or using a pencil/marker/pen to draw the outline of the logos or information. They clean up easily by waiting for the paint to dry on the plastic then flexing the plastic. Graphics or text can be created as you require in the stencil template. Stencil sizes are available in either 1/16 or 1/8 in. thick and up to 4 * 8ft in size.

They work great for marking company equipment like ladders, dollies, as well as ventilation systems, or concrete/pavement markers like no parking or arrows.

The pictures attached are examples of what we can customize for your needs. Small or large quantities are available.

Examples - Painting or Drawing Stencils

IMG_0074 (HighRes Image)
Painting Stencil

This is 5ft tall - Life size

IMG_0078 (HighRes Image)
Road way Painting Stencil

This is 5ft tall. Used to paint signs on the road.

IMG_4353 (HighRes Image)
Painting Stencil

This is 4ft x 8ft

IMG_4356 (HighRes Image)
Painting Stencil

This is 4ft x 8ft

IMG_2254 (HighRes Image)
Drawing Stencil

Custom stencils can be created

IMG_3534 (HighRes Image)
Marking system

This one is used for marking the Fresh Air on the ventalation system

IMG_0387 (HighRes Image)
Company Logo Stencil

Company logo stencil for labeling company equipment. Such as dollies, ladders, boxes, tools

IMG_0758 (HighRes Image)
Supper thin stencil

This one is 1-32in thick and used where it has to be very thin and supper flexible, like the back side of a hockey stick

IMG_1153 (HighRes Image)
Custom stenciling

This one was used for labeling the water purification systems in Africa

IMG_4031 (HighRes Image)
Street Arrow

Used for painting arrows in a parking lot