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Painting or Drawing Stencil Numbers and Letters

Stencils are great for spray painting or using a pencil/marker/pen to draw the outline of the logos or information. They clean up easily by waiting for the paint to dry on the plastic then flexing the plastic. Graphics or text can be created as you require in the stencil template.

They work great for marking company equipment like ladders, dollies, as well as ventilation systems, or concrete/pavement markers like no parking or arrows.

Stenciling numbers link together to create a drawing or painting stencil with numbers in a required order

The numbers snap together all you need to do is tape them to the surface you want to paint

Sets are presently available in 1in, 2in and 3in lettering.


  • Letter Sets - 3in - $80 2in - $60
  • Number sets - 3in - $40 2in - $30