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Survived Hurricane Ian

I have always said our UVHDPE signs are very durable.

This home owner's sign was found two blocks or so away a couple of weeks after Hurricane Ian plowed through Fort Myers. In the same shape it was before the storm

A plastic sign made by Buzz Art in rubble from huricanne Ian survived in perfect condition In perfect condition a sign that Buzz Art made that huricanne Ian tore of a house and let it go blocks away

Outdoor Plastic Signs

Our outdoor engraved plastic signs are made from a durable UV protected polymer that will not fade in the sun and will with stand most outdoor conditions .

The plastic signs can be customize to meet your needs or you can start with an existing design and make changes.

Check out many different types of plastic signs we offer in the menu at the top of the page.

Engraved Plastic Signs Examples

Black on White UV stabalized plastic sign Red on White plastic engraved sign White on black carved plastic sign White on black house address plastic sign This sign is going to with stand a lot of abuse and seen clearly from a distance Black on white house address classic sign Coloring is white on black.  This is a very classy look. White on black classic plastic sign White on black plastic arrow sign