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Mask Extenders

Are your ears getting sore from wearing your mask straps around your ears all day long?

If so we have the perfect solution that was distributed to the Ottawa hospitals when the pandemic first broke out.

These ear savers sit in the small of your neck and the mask straps that normally go around your ears now connect into the small tab like device and the straps go no where near your ears.

You can also pick them up at:


  • 1 $3/each
  • 10 $2/each
  • 25 $1.60/each
  • 50 $1.25/each
  • 100 $1/each
  • 500 $0.7/each
  • Please contact for larger quantities

During the lock down Buzz Art donated to the following hospitals:

  • Ottawa General hospital
  • Civic hospital
  • Royal Ottawa Hospital
  • Montfort hospital
  • Almonte hospital
  • Ottawa Inner City Health
  • Almonte Country Haven
  • Queensway Carleton hospital
  • Cheo
  • Carleton Place hospital
  • Orchard View Almonte
  • Ottawa Heart institute