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2 Sq Ft Cottage Signs

Buzz Art specializes in engraved wood products, including routered signs, wooden signs, cottage signs house address plagues, trophies, personal or family plagues, company logos, commercial signs, bar signs, and resort signs. Signs are made from kiln dried wood, high quality outdoor glue and paint, professional outdoor wood stain and 3 coats of professional grade marine grade UV protecting urethane.

These custom wooden signs make excellent signs for the house, cottage, commercial, trailer or resorts. While much larger signs are available two square foot engraved cottage signs and house address signs are the most common. Normal pricing for two square foot signs range are $150. The easiest way to design your own wooden sign is to start with an existing example on this web page and request the required changes for text, color, size, shape and graphics. Buzz Art will then customize the sign to meet your needs. Creating a custom sign yourself is also permitted, send us a sketch of your requirements and we will mock up a sign for you.

The following are a few examples of what Buzz Art has created in the past. Enjoy checking them out

Examples of 2sq ft Cottage Signs

Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign.  Bottom sign is a 1 sq ft sign Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign.  Bottom sign is a 1 sq ft sign Wood sign skier snow boarder House address wooden sign graphics number Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign.  Bottom sign is a 1 sq ft sign Wood Sign loons Wood signs arrow graphics Wood Sign Shack trees Wooden sign tress chairs loon Wooden dog bone Wood sign the Sled Shed ski doo Wooden House address Sign Cottage sign bugs Wooden sign community Wooden sign engraved golfer Wooden sign Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign.  Bottom two signs are a 1 sq ft. Wooden cottage sign bass fish Wooden Sign Retreat and family names Engraved wood sign heron Wood Sign with bird and chair Cottage sign trees fish number Engraved sign Johns Hideway Wooden engraved cottage sign edgewater loons reeds water Engraved wooden sign with trees and fish Wood Sign Family name and loon Oval Wood Cottage sign loon Rustic wood sign trees golfer family name and members name with dog paw print Wooden sign house family name Oval Wooden sign puppy Oval cottage sign This was used new years eve 2010 to cook slamon and bacon wrapped scallops and pineapple.  WOW! succulent Wooden sign cottage sign cowboy boots Cottage sign Squirrel Tree mountains - the fat squirrel Wood sign Squirrel Tree mountains - the fat squirrel Wooden sign Squirrel Tree mountains - the fat squirrel Wooden cottage sign - Rustic Wooden Sign - House address oval Cottage sign - trees Oval routered wooden sign with address, trees and loon Oval routered wood sign trees shack name cottage Routered wood sign rustic boarder Swingers Inn Wood sign engraved dog house address Cottage sign trees mountains Wooden sign frog reeds Wood sign frog reeds Cottage sign frog reeds Dog and house address engraved in wood Wood engraving Pool hall wood sign Wood Sign Loons reeds Funny engraved wooded sign - beware of mother in law Cottage sign with trees and fish - most popular sign Cottage sign with trees and fish Bar sign made from oak oval shaped. Wood sign with golfer mountains and trees House address plaque cardenal Wooden house address plaque cardenal Wood house address plaque butterflies Wood engraving of a a sign for don's workshop Wooden sign loon duck water Oval cottage sign loon duck water family name Two part cottage sign family name mountains trees street Address sign Oval Wooden cottage sign Trees Mascoka chair Wood engraved sign Wood sign loons trees Wooden sign This and next picture make up a double sided sign This and next picture make up a double sided sign