1 Sq Ft Cottage Signs

Buzz Art is a Canadian supplier of engraved wood products, including carved sign, routered wooden signs, wood signs, cottages signs, house address plagues, personal or family plagues, company logos, commercial signs, bar signs, and resort signs.

These beautiful custom wooden signs are made from kiln dried red cedar, high quality outdoor glue and paint, professional outdoor wood stain and 3 coats of professional grade marine grade UV protecting urethane

The custom wood signs make excellent signs for the house, cottage, commercial, trailer or resorts. One square foot engraved cottage signs and house address signs are used for simple signs and where space is limited. Normal pricing for one square foot wood signs range from $60 to $95(Normally $85-95).

The easiest way to design your own wooden sign is to start with an existing example on this web page and request the required changes for text, color, size, shape and graphics. Buzz Art will then customize the sign to meet your needs. Creating a custom wooden sign yourself is also permitted, send us a sketch of your requirements and we will mock up a wooden sign for you.

Examples - 1 Sq Ft Signs

Engraved sign with golf clubs Wood_Engraved_Sign_Golf_2018113 (HighRes Image)

Golf bag on wooden sign - rustic shape

Cottage Sign IMG_3175 (HighRes Image)

Top sign is reverse engraved leaving the information as natural wood and painting the back ground. Looks really sharp. This process can be applied to a lot of designs for signs

Wood sign hockey team logo - Kanata Rebels IMG_3489 (HighRes Image)
Team Logo Plaque

What a better idea than to give team coachs a wooden plaque of the team logo. A life time souvenier.