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Wireless BBQ Grill Cleaner

Custom logo red cedar & hard wood BBQ Scrapers

They work amazing - you will not want your metal brush anymore

Buzz Art manufactures two wooden BBQ scrapers that are designed and tested to clean your BBQ easily and quickly. Two models are available, one; being made from kiln dried red cedar which does not require a special coating great for just leaving beside the BBQ, two; our hardwood model recommended that you put it away from the elements after each use. Both work exactly the same and both are available with your choice of a generic or custom designed logo.

The scrapers, after the initial burn in, are used on a cold to warm surface, removing the possibility of burning your hand every time you clean your BBQ. An instructional video is provided online to ensure the proper burn in technique is implemented (wearing a glove is suggested for this step). The shorter design, approximately 12 inches, allows you to get closer to the cleaning surface, and used properly actually does a far better job at cleaning the BBQ than the wire scraper did.

Medical System Warning Information

The medical system has now issued warnings regarding the use of metal bristle BBQ cleaners. The tiny wires break off from the brush and end up in the food, and are then passed into the digestive system where they get lodged. They are often trapped in the throat and neck region. The operation to remove the bristles is very painful and often unsuccessful.

Existing Wire BBQ Scraper - News Articles

Health Canada Article

Very interesting article on the issues with metal BBQ scrapers. While they list 9 instances, I can say from the trade shows I have done there are a lot more than 9 occurances.

CBC Report on Health Canada's report on metal BBQ scrapers

CBC: Wire-bristle BBQ brush incident reports more than double

Ottawa Area Article: Carleton Place Man Swallows BBQ Brush Wire

Daily Learn: Daily Learn - Surgeon's Request

Notes on usage

  • Should be used on a cold to medium warm, do not use over 350 degrees.
    if the scraper is burning (after first us) you are using it too hot
  • If used properly and at low temperatures, it will last a long time
  • Made from 100% western red cedar, an anti-fungal wood that resists growth
  • Easy cleaning, simply wipe it off
  • Multipe uses, use it to oil and spice your grill
  • When used properly, each scraper will be matched to your individual BBQ grill spacing
  • Recommendation: Do not leave woods that are not for outdoors on the BBQ as they will react easily to the elements, as such we recommend our hardwood scrapers be put away in the drawer, in the cooled down BBQ, in the shed or in the kitchen when not in use

FAQ on BBQ Scraper

Do I need to treat my scraper?

No the scraper is made of natural red cedar and will last a long time as it is. If you like to see the grains you can rub a kitchen oil on it or cutting board wax, but it is not required

How long will it take to start grooving?

As shown in the break in video, the scraper is shaped in 15 seconds. Please follow the recommended procedure.

How long will my scraper last?

As long as you do not continually use the scraper on a hot BBQ, it should last a long time.

How do I clean the scraper after use?

Unlike the conventional wire brushes, it can be cleaned by simply wiping it on the grill or a towel

Can it work on porcelain coated grill grates?

Yes you can, because there is nothing abrasive in the scraper to scratch the grates.


BBQ scraper pricing:

  • Red cedar scrapers - $10 each of 3 for $25
  • Shipping of BBQ scrapers:

    • With an existing sign or post order - Free
    • Short Scrapers- $4.50 for the first scraper and $1.50 for each additional scraper (up to a max of $25)

    For small quantities, custom logos on paddles are $25 for the logo design, then standard pricing for each scraper.

    We can deliver at wholesale pricing, small quantities and large quanitities of customized scrapers as you requested. Please contact us for quantity pricing, shipped often within a day or two.

Makes a great stocking stuffer or Xmas present

Now offering the following standard scrapers

Examples of some of our custom BBQ scrapers