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Custom CNC Machining

Buzz Art also does custom CNC machining of soft materials such as wood and plastic.

Our machining can cut sizes up to 8' * 5'.

Below are some examples of custom cut Plastic, Plywood, Red Cedar and MDF parts.

Need a part that is to complicated to cut by hand?

Need alot of the same parts?

Need prototyping done?

We can help

Let us know what you need and we will provide a quote for the parts.

Examples - Custom CNC Machining

This is a full sheet of 5/8 Left over blank of a full sheet of parts. This is an engraved sign before it is painted.  It is 75in * 47in Custom plastic part for switches and stereo control for a boat Plastic air flow deflector Multiple stencils in 1/8in. HDPE