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Sorry 3D Printing is a discontinued service.

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Buzz Art offers design and printing of 3D parts. Please let us know how we can help you.

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The images below are just a few examples of what we have done.


4in Vacuum Hose Connetors 4in_Vacuum_Connector_Seperator_2018303 (HighRes Image)
Dust Collection 4in adapter

Adapter that requires no clamps to connect two 4 inch dust collections hoses. This image is of them taken apart which you do not normally do.

4in Dust Collection Connector 4in_Vacuum_Hose_Connector_2018302 (HighRes Image)
4in hose connector

The 4inch dust collection hose adaptor in its normal state. Each end rotates to allow for each end to easily attach to the vac hose

Dust collection to shop vac adapter Dust_Collector_To_Shop_Vacuum_2018307 (HighRes Image)
4in hose to shop vac adapter

An adaptor for 4 inch dust collection hose to a shop vac size hose. This adpator requires no clamps and screws solidly on. Easily removed from the hose to change adaptor sizes

4in dust collection hose to 4 inch straight pipe Dust_Collector_To_Tablesaw_2018308 (HighRes Image)
4 inch to 4 inch straight pipe

The adaptor connectors 4in dust collection hose to a 4 inch straight pipe, like the exhaust of a table saw. Requires no clamps and screws solidly on. Easily removed from the hose to change adaptor sizes

Shop vac straight through adaptor Shop_Vacuum_Hose_Connector_2018306 (HighRes Image)
Shop vac straight through

Sometimes you need a straight through adapter for you shop vac. The tape is use as the adaptor is slightly undersize so the tape will allow the adaptor to stick to the inlet better

Shop vac 4 port manifold Shop_Vacuum_Hose_Manifold_2018305 (HighRes Image)
Shop vac 4 port Manifold

This adaptor allows you to connect up to 4 shop vac hoses to it. Easily change the port that the vacuum is supplying. Fits any standard size shop vacuum port.

Shop vac 4 port manifold Shop_Vac_Manifold_2018304 (HighRes Image)
4 port manifold for shop vacuum

Connecton of up to 4 shop vac hoses. Works amazing!

Tool caddy Tool_Holder_2018301 (HighRes Image)
Router-CNC tool caddy

Holds a few 1-2 in, 1-4 in, 1-8 in bits