BBQ Grill Cleaner

Video on breaking it in

The all wood BBQ Scraper

It works amazing - you will not want your metal brush anymore

Buzz Art has put together a BBQ scraper that will do a way better job than the wire ones anyway at a cost effective price
After breaking it in at a very high temperature, the wood BBQ paddle will wrap around the grill and clean the top and sides in one swipe

Medical System Warning Information

The medical system has put out warnings that the metal brush BBQ cleaners are not healthy for us
The wires fall off the brush and get in to our food then into our digestive system where they get lodged
To have them removed often requires a complex operation, that is as hard as finding a wire in a hay stack

News Articles:

Health Canada Article

Very interesting artical on the issues with metal BBQ scrapers. While they list 9 instances, I can say from the trade shows I have done there are a lot more than 9 occurances.

CBC Report on Health Canada's report on metal BBQ scrapers

Ottawa Area Article: Carleton Place Man Swallows BBQ Brush Wire

Daily Learn: Daily Learn - Surgeon's Request

NOTES on usage:

Should be used cold to medium warm, do no use over 350, if wood is burning (after first us) you are using it to hot

They will last a good long time if you use it properly and at lower temperatures

Made from 100% western red cedar it will last a long time outside

Red cedar is an anti fungle wood so it will resists growth on it, especially more so than other woods as well as you plastic/metal cleaners

It can be whipped of and washed with out problem

Can be used to oil and spice your grill

Made from red cedar so will endure the out doors that BBQ equipment needs to

Each paddle is custom set to match your BBQ grill spacing

Recommendation: Do not use woods that are not for out doors as they will break down easily

FAQ on BBQ Scraper

Do I need to treat my scraper?

No the scraper is made of natural red cedar and will last a long time as it is. If you like to see the grains you can rub oil on it or cutting board wax, but it is not required

How long will it take to start grooving?

As the video shows the scraper is shaped in the 15 seconds. Please follow these procedures

How long will my scraper last?

As long as you do not use the scraper with it to hot it will last a long time

How do I clean the scraper after use?

Unlike the conventional wire brushes, it can be cleaned by simply wiping it on the grill or a towel

Can it work on porcelain coated grill grates?

Yes because there is nothing in the scraper to scratch the grates


BBQ Scrapers - $15
Custom logos on paddle- $50 for the first paddle, then standard pricing for the rest
Contact us for quantity pricing can often get large quantities out in a day or two

Makes a great stocking stuffer or Xmas present

Now instock at the following Home Hardware stores

If you know of a Home Hardware that would like to carry our BBQ scrapers/cleaners please let them know to contact us.
We look forward to bringing more Home Hardwares online with our product.

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More Home Hardwares coming soon...

Video on breaking it in