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2 Sq Ft Cottage Signs - 2018

2018 Brought some really nice new designs images to our signs. I trust you will enjoy some new designs that we have captured for you.

Buzz Art specializes in engraved wood products, including engraved signs, wooden signs, cottage signs house address plagues, trophies, personal or family plagues, company logos, commercial signs, bar signs, and resort signs. Signs are made from kiln dried wood, high quality outdoor glue and paint, professional outdoor wood stain and 3 coats of professional grade marine grade UV protecting urethane.

These custom wooden signs make excellent signs for the house, cottage, commercial, trailer or resorts. While much larger signs are available two square foot engraved cottage signs and house address signs are the most common. Normal pricing for two square foot signs is $140.

The easiest way to design your own wooden sign is to start with an existing example on this web page and request the required changes for text, color, size, shape and graphics. Buzz Art will then customize the sign to meet your needs. Creating a custom sign yourself is also permitted, send us a sketch of your requirements and we will mock up a sign for you.

Examples - 2 Sq Ft Signs

Wooden Baseball image sign Baseball_Wood_Sign_2018001 (HighRes Image)
Baseball sign

2 sq ft Baseball wooden Sign

Fishing Sign wood Bass_Fishing_Wooden_Sign_2018002 (HighRes Image)
Fishing Sign

wood - bass fishing sign

Budlight commercial sign Budlight_Wooden_Sign_2018064 (HighRes Image)
Wooden Sign

10.5 *22.5in - 2 sq ft sign

Budweiser Sign Budweiser_Wooden_Sign_2018065 (HighRes Image)
Commercial Sign

Budweiser 2sqft Wooden Bar Sign

Hotel Sign Business_Wooden_Sign_2018066 (HighRes Image)
She Knows all

Custom engravings for an Inn

Camper Wooden Rustic Sign Campfire_woodSign_2018003_2018003 (HighRes Image)
Rustic Shaped sign

Leaf, fire, 10.5 * 22.5in - 2 sq ft

Camp fire cottage sign Camping_Sign_Fire_2018067 (HighRes Image)
Night time fires

Custom cottage sign with adirondack chairs

Reverse engraved sign Commercial_Company_Wood_Sign_2018004 (HighRes Image)
Reverse Engraved sign

This one the back ground is removed and text is left natural wood.

Rustic wooden sign fish Cottage_Rustic_Sign_Bass_2018068 (HighRes Image)
Bass fish rustic wood sign

Old version of chairs, and bass fish

Maple leaf, fire, enhanced oval shape Cottage_Sign_2018005 (HighRes Image)
Advanced oval shape wood sign

This has the real red in the fire, text is burgundy

Wood sign, new adirondack chairs Cottage_Sign_Adirondack_Chairs_Wine_2018006 (HighRes Image)
Rustic with drinks on chairs

Very popular layout. Change the text as you need.

Family bonefire sign Cottage_Sign_Camping_2018007 (HighRes Image)
Rustic shape 10.5 * 22.5

These are our older version of our adirondack chairs

Fishing sign, bass fish Cottage_Sign_Fishing_2018069 (HighRes Image)
Oval fish shape

Bass fish build into the frame

Moutains, chair, loon, wooden cottage sign Cottage_Sign_Loon_Chair_2018072 (HighRes Image)
Amazing layout

One of our favorites, great layout. 10.5*22.5in