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1 Sq Ft Cottage Signs

1 sq ft signs are usually 6.75 * 22.5" and cost $85-95+HST.
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Examples - 1 Sq Ft Signs

Engraved sign with golf clubs Wood_Engraved_Sign_Golf_2018113 (HighRes Image)

Golf bag on wooden sign - rustic shape

Cottage Sign IMG_3175 (HighRes Image)

Top sign is reverse engraved leaving the information as natural wood and painting the back ground. Looks really sharp. This process can be applied to a lot of designs for signs

Wood sign hockey team logo - Kanata Rebels IMG_3489 (HighRes Image)
Team Logo Plaque

What a better idea than to give team coachs a wooden plaque of the team logo. A life time souvenier.